Summary :


I first worked 6 months as a intern at Marché-Privé.com, then I was hired last year to continue my work. I was in charge of the overall revamping of the main website marché-privé.com. I worked along with the technical team, designing solutions to craft a better user experience and a more efficient user flow. I was also in charge of developing the whole new marketplace, designing services solutions with data driven solutions. I established a complete guideline, allowing me then to build the marketplace user interface.


More details below on my missions and deliverables.


Revamped the UX/UI of the main website :


- Studied competition’s strategy and users’s habits

- Wireframed and prototyped early user interfaces

- Mobile first : system wide responsive

- Conducted user testings, analysing behaviours and heat-maps

- Revamped the whole User Interface, enhancing the visual identity


Worked on the new marketplace website :


- Analysed competition’s strategy

- Wireframed and crafted early prototypes

- Worked on the « stress marketing » strategy

- Conducted user testings, meaningful data harvesting

- Designed an efficient user flow, with data driven decisions

- Designed the whole user interface, system-wide responsive



Guideline / UI Kit :

Check it out

Marché-Privé / Main website & marketplace