Imaginarium Festival

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Summary :


I felt lucky to be apart of this incredible festival, organized by and for the students, with a lot of famous & great artists. I worked on three things for this event : the websites, the graphical charter and the motion designed videos. They were three website in total, one for each event, and everyone had a slightly different design for the different use. Also working on the global esthetic and the motion design, I was able to keep a similar but yet original style for each deliverable.


I worked with students from different horizons, from urbanists and biological engineers to informatics one. It was a truly fulfilling experience, and the festival was a true success. It was a two days event, welcoming more than 10,000 festival-goers, with a total budget of more than 550 000€.

Used tools  :


Adobe Photoshop // Adobe Illustrator // Adobe After Effect //

Motion designed videos